Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Erotic Adventures Of Buffy & Evil Vampire Willow,

Title: The Erotic Adventures, Of Buffy & Evil Vampire Willow. 1, 2 [Click the numbers to access the comic.]
Characters: Pretty much all.
Pairing: Multiple pairings
Makers: Anne-Lise, Fox
Verse: BtVS, Ats, crossover with American Pie
Genre: parody, sexy(naked)
Length: 10+ pages
Status: Unsure

Summary: So very not safe for work. Seriously, there's cunts, breasts, dildos, incest, statutory rape, rape etc etc. The first part is 30 short fun strips, mainly featuring Vampire Willow, Willow and Buffy, almost all of them naughty, in varying degrees.
Part 2 is a 3 page story about what happens after the Hellmouth closed. The crossover with American Pie is just in one of the part 1 strips.

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